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Yearly Eye Exam

We offer the highest quality, personalized care in a friendly environment. Making your routine checkup, fitting of contact lenses and picking out your next pair of glasses anything but routine.

Kids Exams

We are a fully kid friendly office. Our kind staff will do what they can to make your child’s experience kid centered and fun. Whether this is your little one’s first eye exam or they just don’t like doctors offices we can’t wait to meet them and give them a thorough and compassionate exam.

InfantSee Exams

We believe strongly in the importance of diagnosing and treating all ocular problems as early as possible. As InfantSee providers we provide free exams to all infants between 6-12 months of age. To find out more, please visit the InfantSee website


Contact Lens Exams

We have a wide range of brands to ensure great comfort and vision for all our patients. We stock everything from colored lenses to lenses you throw away daily for the highest comfort and eye health. Whether you are looking for multifocal lenses or you have a teen wanting to wear contacts for the first time, our doctors and staff can’t wait to make your contact lens experience a great one.

Excellent Selection of Glasses

Our beautiful optical boutique has the right frames for you. With a wide selection of styles and prices our aim is to be sure everyone finds the perfect pair of glasses that they will love. In addition to carrying top designer frames including Fendi, Prada, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Fossil and many more, we are your exclusive source in Louisville for the always stylish and sophisticated Dior frames.

Management of Ocular Disease

Anytime your eye health and vision is a concern can be overwhelming. We strive to offer the highest levels of compassionate and informative care when diagnosing and managing eye problems of all kinds.

Diabetic Eye Exams

Yearly dilated exams are essential for eye and general health for anyone struggling with blood sugar control. We would love to be a coordinated part of the health care team looking after your well being and your vision.

Emergency Eye Care

Whether you are having eye pain, pink eye, floaters or sudden blurred vision, we are there to provide the highest quality patient care 24/7. Feel free to call our office even in the evening or on the weekend. If we are not there we have an emergency number where you can reach us so that we can get you feeling and seeing better when you need us.

Allergy and Dry Eye

Itchy, burning, gritty eyes can be some of the most aggravating symptoms for patients to deal with. Our doctors will create a customized treatment plan based on your complaints and lifestyle to help bring you comfort on a daily basis.

Vision Therapy

A doctor directed treatment plan for children and adults having eye problems which can not be solved with glasses alone, consisting of in office therapy sessions and at home training to strengthen eye movements, coordination , tracking and perceptual skills. Aimed at reducing eye strain and headaches and improving reading skills, depth perception, and visual memory.

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